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Hello Friends,

I smiled recently when I heard a college basketball coach grumping about “one-and-dones,” kids who play one year then leave for the pros. I struggled with my own one-and-dones for fifty years. It happened every week. After investing twenty to thirty hours preparing a message, I would preach it, then go home and start all over again.  One and done!

I retired three years ago and found myself staring at more than three hundred recordings of messages I delivered during my career. What can be done with them?  One and done?

Then a friend suggested I start a website and make these messages openly available for general consumption. So that's what I've done. 


Please help yourself.  Listen while driving, jogging, meditating or perhaps with others as discussion starters for small group experiences. Whatever. Also, I particularly wish to invite ministers to use this material as they see fit.  Help me make sure these are not “one and dones.”

If you find them meaningful, tell others.  That’s the only way this new ministry will take off.  We need your help.  Should an appetite develop for people to hear more, we will replenish the site on a regular basis.  Give us your feedback, I would love to hear from you.

For fifty years (1967-2017) I closed my written correspondence with the phrase, “The JOY continues.”  May it be so for you and all who partake of these messages. By God’s grace...

The JOY continues,


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A few words from BARRY JOHNSON

The Joy Continues

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The Joy Continues


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