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The goal of VisionONE, as envisioned by Dr. Barry Johnson, is to help leaders dream dreams, translate those dreams into reality, and design the future of their organizations. Beyond long-range planning, this process reaches to the passion that initiates and sustains healthy change. Better yet, it is completely shaped to the skills and personalities of those who make it happen.

Where there is no vision...
the people perish!

King Solomon

Creating the

The primary role of the leader is to empower those who follow to discern their best, do their best, and be their best. Of course, before a leader can empower anything or anybody, he/she must choose a direction. The catch is to establish a vision.

​That's where VisionONE enters the picture.

The VisionONE process helps leaders understand themselves, their settings, and the trends of our time as they match their distinct sense of calling to the context of their work.

Flying eagles in the mountains
"Probably even in legend his marvelous power of vision has not been exaggerated. Those fierce and haughty eyes, gleaming so sternly under their overhanging brows, are in truth as keen as they look and are able to pick out small objects at incredible distances. An eagle's vision is roughly that of a man looking through six-power binoculars. This is not so much because the eagle's eyes magnify, but because they give a clearer picture."

George Laycock

Leaders and Vision

Leaders and vision go hand in hand.

Wherever one is is the other. No leader can succeed without a vision and no vision survives without a leader to keep it alive. Burt Nanus, who has made a profession of studying leadership, puts it this way:

Leaders take charge, make things happen, dream dreams and then translate them into reality. Leaders attract the voluntary commitment of followers, energize them, and transtorm organizations into new entities with greater potential for survival, growth and excellence. Effective leadership empowers an organization to maximize its contribution to the well-being of its members and the larger society of which it is a part. If managers are known for their skill in solving problems, the leaders are known for being masters in designing and building institu-tions; they are the architects of the organization's future.

Eagle Flying

The VisionONE Method

Our process starts with the principals (the primary leader or leaders) extends to their immediate support team, and then to the leadership base of the whole organization.


Making use of the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, personal interviews, group discussions, and appropriate measuring instruments, we develop an overview of per-sons, places, precedents, and promises to generate a blended fingerprint of your situation with which you can establish a carefully composed picture of what can be.

What is possible? What is probable?

What is preferable? The VisionONE purpose is to arrive at a clear understanding of the first two in order to make the third attainable.

Whether you are just beginning a new enterprise, have been in the same business for a long time and would like a surge of fresh energy, or simply long for a clear sense of direction, VisionONE can bring new vitality to you and your organization.



"Creating The Future"

Track One: Principal Analysis
  • Principal Interview (Group Zoom)

  • Individual Interviews (One-on-One Zoom)

  • Myers Brigg Type Indicator

  • Individual Feedback Session

  • Group Feedback Session

  • Written Report*


Track Two: Cultural Analysis
  • Purpose Development

  • History

  • Current Challenges

  • Support Staff Interviews

  • Written Reports*

Track Three: Trend Analysis
  • Global, National, Local Concerns

  • Anticipated Developments

  • Impending Changes

  • Probability Reports

  • Written Report*

Track Four: Visioning
  • Establishing the Fingerprint

  • Painting a Picture

  • Setting Parameters

  • Defining the Vision

  • Written Report*


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